Upcoming Kindergarten Students

School District 318 follows Minnesota Statute (section 120A.20which requires that a child must be at least 5 years old on or before September 1 of the year they wish to begin attending kindergarten. Kindergarten in ISD 318 is all-day, every day.

Kindergarten Timeline

January through March: Preschool Screening
April: Kindergarten Round-Up
July: Placement letters sent
August: Transportation notices sent
September: Kindergarten Orientation (note kinders will only attend one day during the first week of school)
October through December: Preschool Screening

Preschool screening is required for all children entering kindergarten. If your child was already screened within ISD, there is no need for additional paperwork. If your child has not been screened, please call 218-327-5572 to arrange for an appointment. Learn more about preschool screening here.

The process of assigning children to individual schools in District 318 begins in late spring. Elementary school assignments are determined by where you live (home area) and space availability. Families will be notified of school and teacher placement by mail.

The following documentation is required for all incoming kindergarten students:

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Early childhood preschool screening
  • A record of up-to-date immunizations
  • For incoming Kindergarteners, you do NOT need to enroll if:
    • You have received any mailings from the Disrict with your Kinder's name on it (your child has automatically been enrolled)
    • Your Kinder has completed an early childhood screening with ISD 318 (your child has automatically been enrolled)
Please refer to the links below for specific requirements and further information regarding your child in kindergarten.