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What is a 318Pride story?

Button image - share your pride storyThe #318Pride stories section of our website is a chance for you to share your successes! Teachers, tell us about achievements in the classroom. Students, share your academic and athletic accomplishments. Families, submit your positive experiences at our schools. Staff members, offer your victories.

We want to celebrate all that you're doing for #318Pride! Just submit your success using our easy form and we'll look for ways to share it on our website, newsletters, social media sites and more!
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Rocking It at RJEMS

The custodial team at RJEMS is simply wonderful! I have yet to meet a single staff member that doesn't go above and beyond his/her normal duties to keep the school running like a well-oiled machine. There are always smiles on their faces and a continual willingness to help students and staff alike. We greatly appreciate all you do for us! Thank you.

Champion Custodians

Our GRHS Custodians always go above and beyond, especially for our home events at the high school. I wanted to also thank them for cleaning the hallway of trophies and cases, that is a huge task, and they look awesome.

Shout Out to our Secretary

I would like to send a shout out to our awesome secretary Geraldene. She is always so kind and thoughtful and always doing things for our staff, students and families. We have watched her handle very stressful situations with grace and a smile and she makes our days better by being here. We appreciate her so much!

Caring for our School Community

A great big thank you to office staff Sandy Anselmo, JoAnn Jorgensen, Kim Powell, food service, bus drivers, and all the ESPs for helping organize and carry out day care organizations, meal deliveries & pick up, and materials pick up. They have been so patient in answering parent & teacher questions. We couldn't do anything without you!

Dedicated to Distance Learning

Big shout out to everyone in the Technology Department and specifically Bill, Nichole, Denny, and Chris for always answering questions with a smile and sense of humor. Bigfork Elementary Team had a lot of questions regarding SeeSaw, Google Hangouts, etc. and you were always available to help us and answer our questions. During the Distance Learning Planning Period, things were changing fast and the Technology Department was consistently taking calls, answering questions, and problem-solving for us. Thanks for being so helpful, happy, and supportive of staff during this unique time!
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Top-Notch Tech

Rob Eide is top-notch! I have had him help me with my son's lost iPad, and he came on the same day I put in a request to have a student iPad fixed. He does a great job and is always kind and courteous. Our tech department does a fantastic job taking care of all the devices we have in the district. Thank you!!  

Care at Cohasset

I am so thankful that I can go to work and know that Cohasset School will be plowed out and our walkway cleared so we can safely walk to work. Thank you to our maintenance peeps who are up extra early to do this for us and the entire district!!

Murphy Matters

Bruce Goodwin has come into Murphy this year and done a fantastic job! He listened and learned and then has done everything in his power to find success. He constantly shows how much he cares about the kids, their families, and the staff. We are so lucky to have him, and so thankful that we do!

Special Delivery

I was asked to email Greig Olson at the Bus Garage about a student who left his backpack on his AM bus (thinking that the student would get it on the way home). Not long after, Greig called to see what color it was and then surprised us by showing up at Cohasset with the backpack knowing it would make a difference in this student's day - especially for this student. Thank you, Greig, for going out of your way!..More Information

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